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The Sovereign State of Winneconne

The History of The Sovereign State of Winneconne

Sue for Peace

Governor Knowles, realizing that the village was serious, sent an urgent telegram asking the village to reconsider this drastic action.


Negotiations on Sunday led to a successful solution.


The governor agreed to have signs placed at Highways 41 and 110 directing motorists to the community.


He assured that Chamber officials could review the 1968 maps before going to print.


The village would be restored to its former position in the state and Winneconne visitor brochures were to be displayed in all state tourist promotion centers.


At 12:01 p.m. Winneconne rejoined the state of Wisconsin!


The Sovereign State of Winneconne was born and died on July 21, 1967. It has been reincarnated annually ever since at the Sovereign State Days celebration!

Taken from “We Like It Where?”, published 1997. Compiled by Polly Zimmerman.

The Original Leaders of

The Sovereign State of Winneconne



James Coughlin


Prime Minister and custodian of the (Kitchen) Cabinet:

Vera Kitchen


Secretary of State:

William Schlapman


Secretary of the Navy:
George Kontos

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