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The Sovereign State of Winneconne

The History of The Sovereign State of Winneconne


Plans were made for Winneconne to secede from the state on July 21, 1967.


“WHEREAS a governmental organization is essential to the health, protection and well being of the citizenry,


WE, the Village Board, therefore declare James Coughlin to be president of the new state of Winneconne; Vera Kitchen to be prime minister and custodian of Vera’s Kitchen Cabinet; William Schlapman to be secretary of state and chief administrator for all activities pertinent to the celebration of Secession Day and subsequent development of plans beneficial to the establishment of the Sovereign State of Winneconne in its rightful place in the worldwide family of nations.”


Continued with: Sue for Peace

Taken from “We Like It Where?”, published 1997. Compiled by Polly Zimmerman.



The Original Leaders of

The Sovereign State of Winneconne



James Coughlin


Prime Minister and custodian of the (Kitchen) Cabinet:

Vera Kitchen


Secretary of State:

William Schlapman


Secretary of the Navy:
George Kontos

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