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The Sovereign State of Winneconne

The History of The Sovereign State of Winneconne

State's Response

His reply was less than satisfactory,


“Your letter of January 19 …

was referred to the State Highway Commission who is responsible for the preparation of the map. They have informed me that prior to, or during, processing of the negative which contained the names of various municipalities, the name of Winneconne was obliterated and was not observed to be missing during the proof-reading of the map …

They have indicated that the safeguards have been established to prevent such occurrences in the future, and, if there should be additional copies of the 1967 map printed, the name will appear on the map. It will definitely appear on the 1968 map. We are sorry that this error was made and can appreciate very much your interest in correcting it.”


Continued with: U.S. News

Taken from “We Like It Where?”, published 1997. Compiled by Polly Zimmerman.


The Original Leaders of

The Sovereign State of Winneconne



James Coughlin


Prime Minister and custodian of the (Kitchen) Cabinet:

Vera Kitchen


Secretary of State:

William Schlapman


Secretary of the Navy:
George Kontos

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